Lord saveth me.

Well, the impending doom that are my finals are looming and I am struggling to focus on revision. 😦 all I can think about are all the things I’m going to do after them. I really didn’t do as well in my mid terms and assignment as I wanted too. I really should have worked a lot harder. 😦 Oh well, too late to dwell upon what’s done.

No time other than exam time does one get more religious. I swear only a higher power could save me now.


I guess I better get back to studying. I will blog more in about a weeks time when this is all over. Will be blogging about clarisonic, clarins, my skin, the plight of dry lips and a bunch of other things.

But here, have a peep at some pretty lipsticks I picked up from back to M.A.C. (If you haven’t seen it from my instagram )



The top is pink nouveau and the bottom is rebel. Lovvveeee both these colours. I’m getting really obsessed with lipsticks at the moment. It’s probably also because I solved my constant dry lips problem. 😛

Till next week! If you aren’t already, follow me on instagram: thongadong. You’ll just see more frequent little updates 🙂