Birthday nails!

Just a short post to show off my nails. Haha.
I decided to get my nails done today as an early present to myself. My birthday is in two weeks, but I booked my appointment for today because I thought I would have gone for my tattoo removal on Monday. I ended up pushing the laser appointment after some convincing from my bf. He didn’t want me to be in pain on my birthday and I wasn’t sure what he had planned. Haha.

Anyway, I went and got my nails done at my usual place, Nailicious spa at CCK. I usually go cause it’s really convenient and she does loads of bling for me. Haha.

I didn’t really know what I wanted for my nails so, we kinda winged the design. Probably not to everyone’s taste but they’re kinda different and I like them. 🙂



My right thumb nail is short cause it cracked at the side and I had to cut it off. 😦