New tricks

Taught the little furball two new tricks. Haha






More photos of zoey!








She’s such a handful at the moment. But its only been a few days. She’s slowly calming down which is good. Toilet training is much harder when its indoors. Twice the work. Oh well it will all pay off soon!

Birthday surprise!

Well… Sort of. The bf was planning on surprising me on my birthday. He wanted to get me a puppy for my birthday cause I have been ‘oohhing’ and ‘ahhing’ at photos of puppies and dogs all the time. He had it planned out, he wanted to bring me to the pet farm to see which dog I liked the best and get our friends to pick up the puppy and surprise me on a closer date to my birthday.
I found out a few days ago that I would be getting a puppy. But that was before we realised that it was a scam. Horrible person toying with our feelings about a non existent dog.

(I am currently insanely sleep deprived and unable to sleep. This is because I’ve been helping my boyfriend man the store and we pulled an all nighter last night. )

My boyfriend actually decided that we Should take a look at the puppies after his dad came back to the store. We headed to the Pasir ris pet farm, and I know that there are a ton of mixed reviews regarding the puppies there. My bf and I decided on a budget of $1-1.5k. We spent about an hour or two looking at puppies and most of the stores were accommodating as we came before they were barely open.
We had decided on a breed together because, ultimately he would have to live with the dog too and it wouldn’t be fair if I got a dog that he totally despised.
The breeds we had decided on we’re either a Japanese Spitz, Pomeranian, Shetland Sheepdog or a beagle.
After looking at multiple stores we settled for a Japanese Spitz because I really like the one I saw and we got my little fluff ball at a good deal, I would like to think..

I was joking about calling her lady fluffington but obviously my bf would have shot me. And his family would have just laughed at me. So, I named her Zoey. She was a little shy for about 3 minutes and tried to climb all over my face after those 3 minutes. Haha. She even shoved her face down my top. Cheeky bastard. But the store that we bought her from, was one of the only stores that let me pet her. Most of the other stores had the rule of no petting or letting the dogs lick your hands as a virus prevention. As soon as I pet her I knew she was it. My little fluffball. Haha.

Anyway, getting really tired. Will just end with some photos.

She is 3 1/2 months old. Hence the funny furless face. (boyfriend says she looks like a monkey. Specifically, monkey god from journey to the west… 😒)