Currently, I’m obsessing over Kobo which is an equivalent to iBooks. I used to love the iBooks interface but since purchasing books isn’t offered in Singapore, I’ve decided to look for an alternative. As usual, I probably jumped on this bandwagon a little late. I really enjoy the interface of Kobo as it’s pretty similar to the iBooks one. The only downsides are probably the fact that you can’t change the highlighter colour (which isn’t even a big deal) and that you have to purchase books through the website. You can’t purchase books through the app itself or I’ve just not figured it out yet…. Also, you can’t put a bunch of books in your basket, there’s only a buy now option. But, those are just minor things really.

More about Kobo (taken from the website)

Inspired by a “Read Freely” philosophy and a passion for innovation, Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services. Read Freely stems from Kobo’s belief that consumers should have the freedom to read any book, anytime, anyplace – and on any device. As a result, Kobo has attracted millions of readers from more than 190 countries and features one of the world’s largest eReading catalogues with over 3 million eBook, newspaper and magazine titles.





New phone!

So, I don’t really feel like studying now cause I’ve got a headache but thought I might do a quick update on my new phone. I actually got my phone about 2 weeks ago I think.
After dropping my phone on Halloween, I decided that I’m going to get a new phone. I was thinking about it for a while because my iPhone 4s has been giving me problems, such as sim failures repeatedly, battery life issues and just acting up.
I contemplated the iPhone 5 but when I saw it I was really thrilled by it and decided to look at Samsung phones. I was thinking of the Galaxy Slll because I had slight hesitation with the note 2. The size of it made me think twice about it. But then after a while, I just thought, ‘hey, go big or go home.’
So I decided to get the note 2.
So far the only problems I’ve had on it are that the apps I used to love on the iPhone don’t work as well on the note 2 or they don’t have it at all.
The photo editing app that I like to use, photowonder, crashes all the time.
I do like the size though, great for watching videos and viewing photos and also studying or reading ebooks on the go. Previously I found it difficult to do so on an iPhone.
The next thing I LOVE about the Note 2 is the battery life! It is AMAZING! Not even joking! I forgot to charge it the night before and I had about 50% the next day and it lasted me for my whole lecture and still had 28%. (my lecture was about 3 hours. And I also had to travel back and forth from class which was another 2 hours)

Anyway, this isn’t really a proper review as such. But a quick update on my phone and to procrastinate more studying… Sigh.. 2 1/2 more chapters to go…

Oh, here’s the unboxing of the phone and the new cover I got for it. 🙂

Love my new phone!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ❤❤❤❤❤