25 Fact About Me


1. I love being tanned but I’m at fairer now than when I was still in the UK.

2. I am obsessed with shoes, mainly high heels. But, I don’t even wear them unless I’m going for a night out.

3. I currently have 8 tattoos.

4.I used to play the piano but I gave up when I was about to do my Grade 7 exam. ( Slight regret over this.)

5. It takes me a while to warm up to people and I can be a little quiet at the beginning. ( Occasionally, I need some liquid courage.)

6. I love baking, but I usually only eat a slice or one cupcake.

7. I LOVE cupcakes. (Especially the ones from Twelve Cupcakes)

8. I used to have about 14 piercings. I currently have 4. 😦


9. When I get nervous or awkward I tend to just get my phone out and pretend to text someone. (LAME. haha)

10. Currently in my longest relationship. 2 years +

11. I’m so ridiculously excited about going to the States in August! Definitely bringing an extra suitcase.

12. Studied in the UK for about 6-7 years.

13. I haven’t been on a proper holiday since July 2011.

14. I used to be heavy party goer, but now I’ve turned into a homebody. Haha.  ( Probably cause I have no friends. Boohoo. )

15. The idea of marriage used to scare me and never really crossed my mind.

16. Apparently my Chinese name means Beauty Fragrant Soup. ( Don’t ask me. I didn’t choose my name.)

17. Going to school in the UK was one of the best decisions I made.

18. I LOVE Disney and I cannot wait to go! I will probably end up spending all my money there. :X

19. I quit University in London when I was in my second year to move to Singapore.

20. I have the memory of the goldfish. It’s horrible.

21. I am always hungry. ( Speaking of which, I am hungry now and I just had dinner an hour ago. :S )

22. I can’t wait to get a place of my own.

23. Had my appendix out when I was 13. I actually faked being sick and actually ended up having acute appendicitis.

24. I dislike eating in public on my own. I always get so awkward.

25. I enjoy the sound of typing and clicking of the mouse.

Here’s my 25 facts. Nothing that interesting. Haha.