Luxola Haul

Hello beautiful people! ♥

Last week when Luxola had a 30% discount sale, I couldn’t help myself and decided to pick up some stuff. I picked up 2 sleek palettes, a tangle teaser, 2 models own glitter nail polish, duwop lip venom and duwop prime venom (which I left in the bag, hence the lack of its appearance in the photo).

The sleek palettes that I got are the Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Ultra Matte V2 and The i-Divine Sparkle 2 Limited Edition (or so it says on the packaging. haha). The original palette that I had wanted was already out of stock. 😦 Booo.

Model own nail polish in Blizzard and Southern Lights. I didn’t really like how Southern Lights nail polish went on. It was pretty gloopy and went on uneven. It looked really pretty though. Shame that the polish itself was crap.





I don’t find much use of the tangle teezer. Maybe its just not made for Asian hair as it doesn’t seem to do much for mine. Haha. Probably won’t be repurchasing that.

I’ll be reviewing the lip products in another post. This post is just to show the stuff I picked up from the Luxola sale. I’m currently avoiding that website because I keep wanting to get new things. orz


Till the next post! 🙂




After searching for what seemed forever, I stumbled across Luxola. I’ve been looking for sites that sold Sigma brushes and I got so excited when I found out about Luxola. I must be living under some kind of rock. Hahaha. Luxola sell loads of beauty products as well. I managed to stay strong this time and only bought two Sigma brushes. I ordered on Sunday night and received my brushes the next day around 2pm, which was a lot quicker than I expected. I ordered a F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush and a P80 Precision Flat. They gave me a free brush as well which was quite nice. 🙂 I would highly recommend purchasing from them.

Thanks Luxola for the quick shipping and excellent service. 🙂




I’ve already ordered more stuff from them yesterday… Oopps. :X

New NYX Lipsticks

A few days ago I decided to pick up some more NYX lipsticks as they are a lot cheaper than other lipsticks. I don’t wear lipsticks that often cause my lips are quite dry most of the time. ( Gross. I know.) I only know of one place that sells NYX in Singapore that is easy to get to. It’s INSeasons at Orchard Central, Unit #05-30. They have a bunch of NYX make up, OPI and China Glaze nail polish for fairly cheap prices.

I picked up the colour Stella and Pure Nude. I really like both colours. I think that they are both such pretty colours. I’ve swatched both colours on my hand. My resolution this year was to try using more colour on my lips, which I have failed miserably. Haha.

NYX lipstick2

Nyx Lipstick1


Jeffrey Campbell: Foxy Colour Block Neoprene

I keep putting of blogging cause I’m a little lazy and I’ve had other stuff to do.. been busy with bridging which sucks cause it’s eating away at my social life. But, Oh well… one less thing to do next year!
Anyway, as you can probably tell from the title, I’m finally blogging about my new Foxy’s from  Jeffrey Campbell. All that needs to be said about them is that, “I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!” They are unbelievably comfortable and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing high heels. The fit is much better than the cleatas I got. I got my Foxys in a size US 7 which is the same size. But my cleatas are unfortunately, at least 1/2 a size to small for me… I am currently stretching them out..
To be honest there really isn’t much to be said about the foxy except that they are beautiful, easy to walk in and that I will definitely purchase more in a variety of colours. 🙂

Definitely my favourite pair of heels after my nightwalks..

On the the photos!



Jeffrey Campbell: Cleata

I really should be studying… But hey, this blog is pretty dead so I thought it could use a post. So, I recently got my cleatas, which are basically clear litas. I got mine in black smoke. I originally wanted the basic litas in distressed black leather but, wasn’t really willing to fork out that much. I actually got them during the initial sale and I kinda wished I got them during the black Friday sale now. 😦
I would have saved about $60sgd if I did But, I was kiasu and thought the sale would end or it would go out of stock.
I got them in the same size as my nightwalks which were a US 7 but, I think they are a little small. A size 7.5 would have been perfect. Sadly Solestruck didn’t or don’t do half sizes for litas or cleatas.
So, I’m going to have try break them in. Not going to be fun. But, as they say, “beauty is nothing without some pain.”




Shoe wants!

I want more Jeffrey Campbell’s. I swear to god they are going to make me a broke ass bitch! I definitely want some litas and maybe a pair of foxy’s.

I do want a pair of black distressed leather litas, mint, baby pink and distressed mustard.




Or maybe all of the above.


Jeffrey Campbells!

This is my second time writing this because my WordPress crashed while I was almost finishing the first one.

Okay. Back to the main point which is the fact that my Jeffrey Campbell night walks have arrived! I was a little hesitant about ordering them. I’ve contemplated getting them for some time now but the sizing of the shoes put me of. I am glad I waited till I actually managed to try a pair of JC’s on.
The shoes I tried on we’re a US 7 which meant that they were a UK 4. This worried and confused me as I am usually a UK 5/6, depending on the shoes.
I ordered my shoes from solestruck
All I can say is they have amazing shoes on that website and I can’t believe I bought my shoes a few days before the sale!

The shoes are actually amazing! I love them. They fit me perfectly, are a beaut to walk in and are so comfortable! Enough of me talking! Here are the unboxing photos. I will take some of me wearing them later. 🙂

♡ ♡





I don’t have a full length mirror so I had to see a glass door. Haha.

The arrivals of my JC’s literally made my week so much better after a week of disappointment. I didn’t get my results when my program manager told me I would and I still haven’t fully enrolled or received my enrolment letter. So, just a little stressed out with that.