Things I Enjoyed On My Trip Home

1. Got to see my parents and catch up with them.
2. Caught up with my awesome friends. 🙂
3. Helping a friend with a photo shoot.
4. The FOOD! Although most places were packed cause of Raya. 😦 so I didn’t get to enjoy much.
5. Cheap things and Pasar malam!
6. More food! Haha.







Going home tomorrow morning!

It was a really last minute thing and I felt that the bf and I needed some space. It will probably do us some good. I know he’s going to have a whale of a time without me. Haha. The bastard.

Going to go home and eat lots and spend time with the parents and my “special” friends. Haha.

Ipoh here I come!

Will probably miss the bf though. How lame.