Despicable Me 2!

I FINALLY WATCHED DESPICABLE ME 2!!! I LOVED IT! It was so funny and amazing! You can see the difference in the graphics as well. It has improved so much, which I didn’t even think was possible. I really want to watch it again! 😡

Won’t spoil it for anyone but I suggest you watch it. Its great for a laugh. 🙂

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Miss this

Found this again. I miss being able to go to things like this and just going mental. Although, I do sound a bit spastic and I was at least 5kg heavier in this video…


Reviving this space

So, it has been a while since I updated my blog. Haven’t really had much to write about so I usually leave it till a week or two. Yes, my life is that boring and sad.

So, after my exams I headed back to Ipoh with my parents cause I had to do my US visa to attend my sisters wedding this September. And, I am so excited! I honestly cannot wait to go and travel! It has been too long since I last travelled. Going home doesn’t really count as travelling… Haha… Anyway, I didn’t even get the visa done because I had missing documents. Apparently due to my age I needed my offer letter from my school in Singapore, financial statements, and anything else that ‘helps’ my case. Clearly I am a retard and didn’t think I would need it. So… those of you applying bring anything and everything you might have. Especially if you are in your 20s or they might think you’ll hide out know the US.
Aside from the visa drama, there was some weird shit going down back home and I couldn’t even leave the house which sucked cause it was so boring! I got the first flight out I could to head back to Singapore cause I didn’t have anything else to do and I needed my schools letter and stuff which is back here.

Oh! I also swear I have the best mother ever! Haha. I swear I don’t even think my Bf would do it. Me being the giant dumbass I am, I left my phone back in my house and I only realised this when I checked in and was already sitting at the waiting area waiting to bored. I know. What an idiot. I rang my mom off some strangers phone and my mom came rushing to the airport for me and ran to give me my phone. She’s a legend. I swear.

After I got back to Singapore, my Bf was supposed to pick me up but he didn’t cause he was really sick. So, I rushed over to his and bought him all the medication I thought he would need. Poor baby. But, nothing is more stubborn than a sick man. I swear. I had to hold him down to stick the fever patch on his forehead. Haha. Idiot.




I’ve been looking after him for over a week night. But, we did head out for Zouk’s birthday on Saturday. Headed out with Sofia, Jason  and Bryan as well. It was fun. We were all flying high on life and drink and it’s been a while since we’ve been out, or I’ve been out. Actually, it was also the anniversary of my car accident and thought it would be fit if I celebrated being alive at Zouk. Haha. I didn’t take that many photos cause I didn’t have my proper camera and only had my phone on me. Zouk was rammed! Last year it was so empty but they did have Gareth Emery here this year which explains it. I kinda precelebrated my 2nd year anniversary with my Bf as well since we met at Zouk.






Haha. Bryan harassing my Bf with Sofia’s hair extensions. Such a creeper.
I ended up going home around 4+ while the other ended up heading over to Mink.

On the 22nd, bf and I went out to have an anniversary lunch since he has to work later in the evening. Just had some sushi and he got me some sunflowers as well. ♡ such a sweetie.




Last thing that happened this week was that I went to Zouk as pikachu. Again. Hahaha. What is my life. I went out with Sofia and Bryan again for a short while cause Bryan had to go to work the next day. I had a bunch of people take photos of me and a lot of creepers. It was pretty funny though cause I could be as ridiculous as I wanted to be and no one would even know who I was. Haha. I even wore my Nike’s out which was nice for a change. I kinda wish I got people to hashtag me on instagram. We left around 2am+ and I finally got my sausage and mash.





So that’s about it that happened over in the past week or so. Hopefully my life picks up soon. Haha.

My 22nd Birthday!

It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to! Which is lazing around.. I am still feeling tired because I didn’t get any proper sleep.
So, I celebrated my birthday over the weekend because I wanted to make it easier for people who were working or had school to make it.

My boyfriend brought me to Galbiati at Rail Mail for an early dinner on Friday night. I was really sweet of him. He couldn’t go out on my actual birthday for dinner cause he was working but I’m fine with that.
I wish I wrote down what I had.. Haha. It’s spinach pasta with Mushrooms and bacon and creamy sauce. Lol. Bf loved my dish way more than his.
He had the black pepper roast beef with mash potatoes and vegetables.
Oh, for starters I had minestrone soup and he had lobster bisque.
For dessert, he had the tiramisu and I had the molten lava cake. 🙂
The meal was pretty good. I was stuffed by the end of it! Could barely finish the dessert.
Here are some photos:

On Saturday, I decided to plan a get together at mine and head to zouk after. It was suppose to be pretty chilled and I didn’t want to get horrendously drunk. Which, none of my friends made an easy task. Nobody wanted to drink unless I drank with them. This pretty much ensured my downfall.
Let’s put some pics up:

My birthday cupcakes from Swirls Bake shop!
With my friends who bought me the sweet Kate Spade bracelet. Didn’t think they would have done something like that. :’) really touched!





The Polaroid photos from the night.

Someone said that this was like a family photo. Haha. Finally a photo with the my two loves 🙂 ♡
My bf actually bought me a cake as well. It’s a tiramisu cake from Galbiati. I didn’t know that he got me one till we left for my place. 🙂 so much love that day!

Oh! My friends Bryan, Sofia and Jason got me a “special cake”.


Why is it so special you ask? Well, they decides to shove a dildo into the cake and tried to get me to turn it on. Haha. It was actually pretty hilarious. Honestly, didn’t expect that.

So, I’m going to post some pictures from zouk. Some are edited and the others aren’t cause I’m lazy. Haha

Oh, if you are all wondering what those drinks are. They are actually a “birthday cake” which consists of two flaming Lamborghinis as candles and the rest is the “cake” which is patron and cream.
This was another gift from Bryan.
The guy in the photo below: hahaha


My poor bf had no mercy either, told him that if he loved me he would drink straight from the bottle for 22 seconds. He told me his throat was burning. 😦 bless him..






I got this photo of me from a friend blowing out the candle. 🙂


Well, I think that’s all of it. I honestly had a great birthday. I have the best people around me. The best food. The best boyfriend. Couldn’t have asked for more. 🙂

I love you to the moon and back ♡


Fairly overdue post. Not even sure if anybody reads this blog to be quite honest. Anyway, 2 Saturdays ago, zouk had a doll house themed Halloween party which a bunch my friends and I went too. It was pretty fun. We predrank loads at my place before cause it was a friends birthday as well. So I was flyin’ pretty high by the time we got there. It was the first time I went out with my classmates Sofia and Jason. Standard drunken night out. Will just go on to the few photos I have: