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Hello beautiful people! It has been a while, hasn’t it? Been busy with revision and assignments. 😦 The UC’s are being mean and not giving us any hints so we have to learn everything, which is a lot!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write about what I’ve been doing to be a little bit healthier. About a month ago I decided to join TrueYoga. I went for a Pilates trial class and thought it was pretty awesome. I decided to join because for about $100+ I get to go as many times as I want and for any of the classes they have on offer, which is a lot. I found that after going for 5 days consecutively, I did get a little bit stronger and flexible. I have tried to go everyday for the past month. The most I’ve missed was this week, which was 2 days because I’ve been having sleeping problems. 😦 I even feel really guilty not going because I really enjoy the classes.

So, here is some info on TrueYoga from the site.

True Yoga was established in November 2004 and is Singapore’s largest Yoga centre operating 2 centres spanning over 34,000 sq ft with 16 Yoga Studios.

Our Ocean Financial Centre outlet at Raffles Place, spanning 21,000 sq ft of area is equipped with 2 Yoga studios, 1 Hot Yoga Studio, 1 Dance Studio, 1 Pilates Reformer Studio and 4 Personal Training Studios. The Pacific Plaza outlet at Scotts Road with 13,000 sq ft of space has 2 Hot Yoga Studios, 1 Yoga Studio, 1 Pilates Reformer Studio and 2 Personal Training Studios.

Our highly accomplished Yoga Masters from India are committed to providing the best training in Yoga. True Yoga offers more than 400 classes covering 35 different types of Yoga, Hot Yoga, Dance and Pilates Matwork classes each week.

With an inviting and nurturing environment that allows members to harness the full benefits of Yoga, True Yoga aims to promote Yoga as a healthy lifestyle that is accessible to all who are interested in attaining better physical and mental well-being.

More than merely being a centre that conducts Yoga, Dance and Pilates classes, True Yoga is a sanctuary where members can immerse themselves in the complete wellness experience with readily available shower facilities, lockers, steam rooms and Members’ Relaxation Lounges

Some photos:




I will probably start posting more often once my exams are over. 🙂



I used to hate golf, I hated it with a passion. Didn’t like the early mornings and the lameness of it. I started when I was 8/9 and then stopped and picked it up again when I was 14.
After the second time round I swear that I hated golf with every fibre of my being.

Fast forward to last year, my Bf plays golf and it kinda drove a tiny wrench into our relationship. After a while, I just let it go. And I started thinking about picking up the sport again. It gives me some sort of sport to do with him and I can play with my parents.

After lots of thinking and discussing, I decided to give it a go and I bought my new set a week ago. I was deciding between the burners or the rocketballz and I settled with the rocketballz. So far, I’ve only been to the range twice and it seems to be going well with the set. But man, I am weak. After the first day, I was so physically tired and weak I could barely move and everything ached… definitely means I should head to the gym as well… 

I actually seem to be enjoying it this time round which is lovely.. 🙂

Anyway , here are some photos from the first day at the range 🙂





Current obsession

Been feeling a bit Untoned so starting trying to go to the gym more often. I also remembered some video I watched a while back about home workouts and it was crazy good.
It’s and the girls are crazy toned. I am envious.

This is the current one I’m doing:
Sculpt work out.

I’ve also made a bet with the bf that whoever gets toned up in 2 months first will get a dinner worth $100. Haha! Wish me luck! ♡

Some body inspiration!