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Tattoo Removal: First Session

So, the day has finally come for me to get my tattoo removed. I wish I had more food before the actual process because I did feel a little weak after it.
My bf couldn’t go with me cause he has reservice till next week, but my friend came along to give me moral support. Haha.

Man, no amount of mental preparation prepared me for what was going to happen to my wrists. I sure as hell wished they had the picosure laser in Singapore. But, I gotta make do with what’s here.

A couple of photos of me reading the forms and waiting for the numbing cream to kick in. I’m pretty sure the numbing cream did not work. Or, I did not leave it on long enough.



Getting anxious about having the treatment done because I was just sitting in the room waiting for my doctor to come.

I had originally wanted to film a few bits of the treatment, but I got way too nervous and anxious. I also couldn’t see very well with the googles I had on. They were hilarious though. I actually wanted to sit up, but the doctor thought it would have been easier on me if I was lying down because I was very anxious. And boy, was it a much better idea. The test shot had hurt like crazy! I thought that with numbing cream it would have just be annoying pain, but I was so wrong. It hurt about 100 times worse than I had imaged. I thought that I had a pretty decent pain tolerance, but this proved me wrong. Overall, the process took about 20 minutes for both hands. It was pretty quick to make sure that I didn’t stay in pain for too long.

These are the photos straight after getting them zapped and I just got cream put on them. It burned for a few hours after. There wasn’t immediate swelling. I only noticed the swelling when I go home and took off the bandages.




Overall, I would definitely give it a pain rating of 9.5/10. Haha. Maybe I’m just weak, cause I’ve heard that some people just beast it out. I hope it goes away with a couple more sessions, but knowing my luck it’ll be more than 10. 😦
Will definitely be doing updates along the way and will post bout my birthday soon. 🙂