Tattoo Removal

After a couple of months of thinking, I’ve decided that I want to remove my wrist tattoos. It is not because I do not like them any more, but I am thinking of my future prospects. Back when I got them done, I would have never thought that I would switch from the Arts to Business. I was short sighted back then and did not consider the possibility of a change of mind. I was young and impusive and believed that I would stay in the arts.
My dad has also asked me to consider going into finance, which means that tattoos on the wrists are definitely a no-no.
I do know that I could wear long sleeves and go try my luck when I go on the job hunt, but I did not want to end up being rejected because of my tattoos and end up spending the next year removing my tattoos. I might as well get a jump start on it now since I know I would need at least 8 sessions. I’ve had loads of people tell me that I am being over dramatic and should just wait till I go for interviews to decide. To be honest that logic doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess it could also be because I’ve sorta made up my mind.

I’ve only seriously considered it a couple of weeks ago when I spoke to my parents about it. I don’t have the funds for it and had to ask if they would loan me some money for it. They were actually okay with me removing them and didn’t mind loaning me some of the money. Although, I am getting quite a bit of the ‘told you so’s’ from my mom and bf. Merh..

Do I regret my tattoos?
I wouldn’t say that I regretted getting my tattoos. I guess I have slight regret about the placement of the tattoo. I wish I could just move them to another part of me. They do have some meaning when I got them. It was the first tattoo that I got that was instantly visible by other people and I had to hide it most of the time during family gatherings.

So, my advice to anyone who wants to get a tattoo is that you should really think about placement and colour, because if one day you end up wanting to remove them, colours are going to be a pain in the ass.


This a picture when I just got them done. 😦


Which clinic did I choose?
To be honest, I had a tough time choosing a clinic that I wanted to go to. There wasn’t a lot of reviews that I could read up on and they all pretty much used the same equipment. I decided to use price, convenience and location as factors of choosing the clinic I wanted to go to.

I actually read ohsofickle‘s blog about tattoo removal and saw that she went to the NSC. After loads of research I found out that the NSC had a long waiting time and everything needed to be booked quite in advance. The prices were surprisingly a lot more expensive.

So, I ended up picking Yume Aesthetics & Medical Clinic. I made my consultation and went last Thursday to just get a feel of the clinic and take a look at the place. It looked pretty good and wasn’t too hard to get too either.
There may be better clinics out there but, to each their own I guess. It really depends whichever you are more comfortable with. I’ve looked at a whole bunch of clinics.


Which lasers are the best?

The type of laser used to remove a tattoo depends on the tattoo’s pigment colors. (Yellow and green are the hardest colors to remove; blue and black are the easiest.)The three lasers developed specifically for use in tattoo removal use a technique known as Q-switching, which refers to the laser’s short, high-energy pulses:

  • the Q-switched Ruby,
  • the Q-switched Alexandrite,
  • the Q-switched Nd: YAG, the newest system in this class of lasers and particularly advanced in the removal of red, blue and black inks

I did quite a bit of research and overall I found that the most commonly used laser for tattoo removal in Singapore is the Medlite C6 or also called the Nd:YAG. This is based on my own research and I could be wrong. After speaking to a few places this is also meant to be the best laser for tattoo removal as well.


How much will it cost?

This is all depends on the size of the tattoo and if the tattoo you want to remove has colours. I actually got quoted $250 per session by Dr. Kevin Chua. I had considered going to take a look at the clinic but, it was an absolute mission and decided to look at other clinics. The price is not inclusive of any medication or anesthesia.

Yume had quoted me $300 per session or I could purchase 5 sessions for $1200. This is also not inclusive of GST or any medication that I may need.

The only way to get an estimate on how much it would cost would be to go down for a consultation.

How many sessions will I need?

From what I’ve read the average would be 8-10 sessions. But I was told that to have it completely gone and not have any marks left, it would be up to 15 sessions! This did freak me out a little. But I was told it also depends on how the tattoo reacts to the laser treatment and that usually by the 4-5th session, there will be a significant lightening of the tattoo.

The number of sessions also varies from tattoo to tattoo.


What to expect after having the laser done:

From the photos I’ve seen and the things I’ve read, blisters are a common reaction and that it is good. They tend to show up after abour 8 hours or more and that you should not pop it. Swelling is also likely to happen and that scabbing will take 7-14 days to heal. But it does depend on the individual as well.


Hope this has helped some of you who are considering tattoos or getting tattoo removal. I will update when I head over to my first appointment.

p.s sorry for being away for so long 😦


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