Holika Holika CC Cream

Happy Sunday errbody! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far!

Just wanted to do a quick post on the holika holika cc cream while I’m on the way to yoga. Traffic is really bad around this time. Anyway, on to the product!

Previously I was using the L’oreal Lucent Magique BB cream, which I kinda liked, but didn’t necessarily love the product.

I initially had wanted to try the Holika Holika Jelly BB cream, but the colour was too light for me. So, the sales person recommended that I try the CC cream. After I swatched it, I found that it blended into my skin easier and it matched my skin tone a lot better as well.

For some reason, I really like how it looks on my skin and it’s really light weight. Although, there is a slight smell to it but nothing too noticeable or gross. It also doesn’t leave my fingers feeling as gross as when I use the L’oreal BB cream. It has pretty good coverage as well. I don’t feel the need to add concealer to my blemishes or scars.

The only thing that bugs me about the product is the design of it. It’s great that it has a pump, but I do not get why it is in a tube bottle. Wouldn’t it have been easier to have one or the other? During the first use I had to give it quite a few pumps before product came out.

Pricing wise, this is around the same price as the Bourjois Healthy Serum mix foundation at $35.90, plus and minus a few cents (I lost the receipt. :x).

Overall, I do like the product, not sure if I would necessarily repurchase it again though. This is probably because it is the same price as a foundation and I might as well just stick to foundation. That’s just my preference though. But, it is one of the nicer creams I used.

**slight update. I am taking back my words. I’ve been using this every time I go out because for some reason, my foundation just isn’t doing what I want it to do. The CC cream helps me conceals my spots and redness, and I don’t need to go over the spots in Concealer. *




This is what it looks like on..( My face is currently having a breakout. Not sure what caused it. Been about a month 😦 )

I hope this was sorta useful. Haha. Just what I thought about it.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 🙂


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