It’s July!

Holy Crap! Where did the time go?!

Anyway, I’m currently really busy with assignments cause my school decided to set the same deadline for all of them. Finals are also only about 5 weeks away and I really need to start studying. I promised myself that I would start making notes or study much earlier this semester and, I have failed.


Besides all that boring school nonsense, I have loads to blog about. I just started Yoga about 3 weeks ago to help tone myself up and better my health (also to make sure I don’t get too fat that I can’t fit into my bridesmaids dress). I have a bunch of products that I picked up over the few weeks from Holika Holika, Origins and Bourjois. My parents also came down over the weekend and I didn’t have time to post anything new. Sorry to those who are waiting for something. I will get to posting something new this weekend or when I am fed up with my assignments.


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