Luxola Haul

Hello beautiful people! ♥

Last week when Luxola had a 30% discount sale, I couldn’t help myself and decided to pick up some stuff. I picked up 2 sleek palettes, a tangle teaser, 2 models own glitter nail polish, duwop lip venom and duwop prime venom (which I left in the bag, hence the lack of its appearance in the photo).

The sleek palettes that I got are the Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Ultra Matte V2 and The i-Divine Sparkle 2 Limited Edition (or so it says on the packaging. haha). The original palette that I had wanted was already out of stock. 😦 Booo.

Model own nail polish in Blizzard and Southern Lights. I didn’t really like how Southern Lights nail polish went on. It was pretty gloopy and went on uneven. It looked really pretty though. Shame that the polish itself was crap.





I don’t find much use of the tangle teezer. Maybe its just not made for Asian hair as it doesn’t seem to do much for mine. Haha. Probably won’t be repurchasing that.

I’ll be reviewing the lip products in another post. This post is just to show the stuff I picked up from the Luxola sale. I’m currently avoiding that website because I keep wanting to get new things. orz


Till the next post! 🙂



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