Met Up with my BFF

So, Catherine came down a week ago and we met up on Tuesday. Always fun to catch up cause we just end up talking about everything and anything, and laughing hysterically all the time.

I also ended up buying a lot of stuff. My skin has been having a bad week with a major breakout on my forehead. I don’t even have a fringe to hide the monstrosity that is my forehead.  We headed to Sephora because we had a few things to pick up and instead of getting one thing, I ended up buying like 2 face masks and 1 face toner. Not a lot, but I did spend quite a bit the other day at Sephora and Sasa already. orz I also brought Catherine to the store at OC that sells OPI and China glaze for $8-10sgd and they also carry NYX products.

Here are some photos of the stuff I bought. I will probably do a post on the items soon.

IMG_0151 IMG_0152

We also decided to head over to Sim Lim to get some cheap cables and phone stuff. On our way there, we passed by the giant minion from the movie Despicable Me! And of course we just had to take a photo with it. Haha.



After wondering around for ages, we decided to head to daiso to pick up more stuff because we forgot to earlier on. This happens quite a lot. Haha. By this point we were pretty hungry, so we headed to ion to eat at Itacho. It is literally one of my new favourite places to have Japanese food.

After dinner we both had to head back cause it was pretty late. It was a really nice day actually. Tiring and a little expensive because I ended up buying stuff I didn’t necessarily need. Oops. Haha.
Fairly pointless post.


One thought on “Met Up with my BFF

  1. Must Have Boxes

    Looks like you had a fun shopping trip!

    – KW

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