Beauty Haul

On Wednesday I decided to pop into Sephora and Sasa to get some stuff since I knew the sales were on. Unfortunately, I ended up buying more than I intended to. Oops. 😡
I had actually intended on getting some toner, falsies and quick dry top coat. But, I got all of this instead. Lol.



1. Masks from b.liv ( buy 2 and get 1 free. 7 masks in a box )
2. Percy & Reed dry shampoo and conditioner.
3. Fashion eyelashes in double flex AG8944
4. Urban decay in perversion and deviant.
5. Darkness nuddy double eyelid tape (one of my favorites. Not as obvious as other tapes)
6. Darkness eyelash glue in clear. (One of the best glues I’ve used. Stays on all night. )
7. Shadow on eyelid tape. (Not a fan of this. Eye shadow looks horrendous on. )

Some photos from Wednesday night when I headed out to zouk.





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