Currently, I’m obsessing over Kobo which is an equivalent to iBooks. I used to love the iBooks interface but since purchasing books isn’t offered in Singapore, I’ve decided to look for an alternative. As usual, I probably jumped on this bandwagon a little late. I really enjoy the interface of Kobo as it’s pretty similar to the iBooks one. The only downsides are probably the fact that you can’t change the highlighter colour (which isn’t even a big deal) and that you have to purchase books through the website. You can’t purchase books through the app itself or I’ve just not figured it out yet…. Also, you can’t put a bunch of books in your basket, there’s only a buy now option. But, those are just minor things really.

More about Kobo (taken from the website)

Inspired by a “Read Freely” philosophy and a passion for innovation, Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services. Read Freely stems from Kobo’s belief that consumers should have the freedom to read any book, anytime, anyplace – and on any device. As a result, Kobo has attracted millions of readers from more than 190 countries and features one of the world’s largest eReading catalogues with over 3 million eBook, newspaper and magazine titles.





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