How to Apply for a US Visa

This is based on my experience and I hope it helps people who might be a little dim like me. Haha

If any of you follow me on twitter or read my blog, you would know that I had to make two trips to Malaysia to get my US visa done because, for some reason, I couldn’t do it in Singapore and when I made the first trip I didn’t have enough documents with me.

I shall break it down to easy idiot proof steps. (This is only applicable if you apply via the internet)

Step 1:  Go to the website and just fill in the form. It will ask you to select which country you are from and if it is your first time applying for a US visa or not. If it isn’t your first time, you better look for your old visa because you are required to key in the old visa number. The questions are fairly straight forward. You will also need a photo of yourself with a white background.


Step 2: You have to make payment and you will need the number on the receipt. It has to be specifically Standard Chartered Bank. 


Step 3: Once you have filled in the form, answered the necessary questions, and made payment, you will be able to make an appointment. But what I have noticed is that you can only view dates 2 – 3 weeks in advance. I think the earlier the appointment time the better but, through experience the appointment times don’t even matter all that much. ( I ended up waiting up to 2 hours just to be interviewed)


Step 4: The actual interview. It would be best to head down early and make sure you bring a good book for entertainment as you won’t be allowed to bring any techy things in. The interview doesn’t last more than 3 minutes.

Make sure you bring all the documents you need. For example, as I am studying in Singapore, I was required to bring my:

  • student pass/visa
  • letter from my school
  • student contract
  • financial statement

Those are the extras you would need to bring depending on why you are going to the US. The more the better and I know I am probably the only idiot that didn’t know that I was probably required to bring those due to my age. 

The main things you would need to bring are your:

  • Passport
  • IC / Drivers license
  • Appointment letter
  • Photo with a white background and is 50x50mm
  • Receipt of payment

I think that’s about it. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your passport the next day or have it sent to you in 2 days, depending on what you selected.


This probably didn’t help but hey ho. An excuse to try to get this blog going. 


One thought on “How to Apply for a US Visa

  1. wth? only standard chartered bank?so stupid.. =.=

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