I am actually meant to be studying, but I am just way too tired and I can’t seem to focus. I had actually wanted to blog about London and the things I loved and missed about it. I was just feeling incredibly nostalgic last night.
So, if anyone I know on instagram reads this, they should already know what I’m going to be writing about.
I am sorta engaged. It is kinda complicated and hard to explain. I call it the unofficial engagement because only a bunch of my friends know and now, anyone who even bothers to read this. Hahaha..
It wasn’t a romantic proposal or a proper one at that, hence why It’s called the unofficial engagement. My bf wants to do a proper one and wants to save up for it, which confuses me more as to why he wants to get engaged now. Haha.

It’s almost like a formal promise? Honestly, I have no clue. But, bless my friends, they were more excited than me and I just sat there going like “what?” Lol.

Bf didn’t get me a massive ring or anything. But he said he’s definitely getting me  an upgrade when he does propose properly. Haha. So, here’s my unofficial engagement. Still a little lost, probably from all the studying. Lol



Love you hb 🙂


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