Naughty naughty.

So, to regain my sanity. I did something on some what of an impulse. I used to do things like this when I got overwhelmed with school work and what not. But instead of a piercing, I got a tattoo. I know. Naughty naughty.
This makes it my 8th tattoo… I think… Yea, definitely the 8th.. Haha. Had to count them.
I had actually wanted a white one for some time and a feather one at that. So, I decided that I might as well. Although, I’m waiting for it to be healed to see if it came out the way I wanted.
I went back to Ez Tattoo at Far East Plaza. They are located on #04-10. I actually forgot the artist’s name. ╮(╯_╰)╭ Lol. I hadn’t eaten all day and I am generally horrible with names.
Anyway it was a fairly quick process, told him what I wanted, showed him some pictures and then just got it done. It was a fairly quick process and was over in the blink of an eye.

Here’s some photos:




It’s been a little awkward trying to sleep with it especially since I move like crazy in my sleep. Haha. But, it seems to be doing alright. Itching hasn’t started yet. I hope it never starts.

The worse thing about this experience was that I REALLY want more tattoos now. Shit.


One thought on “Naughty naughty.

  1. Show me how it looks like once it heals. I have been meaning to get a white tattoo too, but knew of no one who has done it. Wanted to see how it looks like 🙂

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