Jeffrey Campbell: Foxy Colour Block Neoprene

I keep putting of blogging cause I’m a little lazy and I’ve had other stuff to do.. been busy with bridging which sucks cause it’s eating away at my social life. But, Oh well… one less thing to do next year!
Anyway, as you can probably tell from the title, I’m finally blogging about my new Foxy’s from  Jeffrey Campbell. All that needs to be said about them is that, “I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!” They are unbelievably comfortable and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing high heels. The fit is much better than the cleatas I got. I got my Foxys in a size US 7 which is the same size. But my cleatas are unfortunately, at least 1/2 a size to small for me… I am currently stretching them out..
To be honest there really isn’t much to be said about the foxy except that they are beautiful, easy to walk in and that I will definitely purchase more in a variety of colours. 🙂

Definitely my favourite pair of heels after my nightwalks..

On the the photos!




Game of Thrones!

Okay, since I am on a break after my exams, I wanted to watch some new TV series’ and a bunch of people recommended Game of Thrones.

A few things about the show:

1. I don’t get why everyone has to be naked all the time.

2. I don’t get why there’s incest.

(wait, I just remembered, it’s HBO)

3. Some characters are annoying. i.e JOFFREY. I have to say, initially I hated Sansa but now I feel bad for her in Season 2.

4. I LOVE Khaleesi, Tyrion, Snow and Arya


To make myself feel better about the fact Joffrey hasn’t been killed off, this is the gif I’ve been watching…

Bitch slapped.