New phone!

So, I don’t really feel like studying now cause I’ve got a headache but thought I might do a quick update on my new phone. I actually got my phone about 2 weeks ago I think.
After dropping my phone on Halloween, I decided that I’m going to get a new phone. I was thinking about it for a while because my iPhone 4s has been giving me problems, such as sim failures repeatedly, battery life issues and just acting up.
I contemplated the iPhone 5 but when I saw it I was really thrilled by it and decided to look at Samsung phones. I was thinking of the Galaxy Slll because I had slight hesitation with the note 2. The size of it made me think twice about it. But then after a while, I just thought, ‘hey, go big or go home.’
So I decided to get the note 2.
So far the only problems I’ve had on it are that the apps I used to love on the iPhone don’t work as well on the note 2 or they don’t have it at all.
The photo editing app that I like to use, photowonder, crashes all the time.
I do like the size though, great for watching videos and viewing photos and also studying or reading ebooks on the go. Previously I found it difficult to do so on an iPhone.
The next thing I LOVE about the Note 2 is the battery life! It is AMAZING! Not even joking! I forgot to charge it the night before and I had about 50% the next day and it lasted me for my whole lecture and still had 28%. (my lecture was about 3 hours. And I also had to travel back and forth from class which was another 2 hours)

Anyway, this isn’t really a proper review as such. But a quick update on my phone and to procrastinate more studying… Sigh.. 2 1/2 more chapters to go…

Oh, here’s the unboxing of the phone and the new cover I got for it. 🙂

Love my new phone!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ❤❤❤❤❤









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