Jeffrey Campbell: Cleata

I really should be studying… But hey, this blog is pretty dead so I thought it could use a post. So, I recently got my cleatas, which are basically clear litas. I got mine in black smoke. I originally wanted the basic litas in distressed black leather but, wasn’t really willing to fork out that much. I actually got them during the initial sale and I kinda wished I got them during the black Friday sale now. 😦
I would have saved about $60sgd if I did But, I was kiasu and thought the sale would end or it would go out of stock.
I got them in the same size as my nightwalks which were a US 7 but, I think they are a little small. A size 7.5 would have been perfect. Sadly Solestruck didn’t or don’t do half sizes for litas or cleatas.
So, I’m going to have try break them in. Not going to be fun. But, as they say, “beauty is nothing without some pain.”





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