Avenue Q || BF’s first musical

In the post before I mentioned that I had tickets to watch Avenue Q for free and I just got back from the musical. This was my boyfriend’s musical that he has ever been too. I know, I am shocked. I am a total musical / theatre buff. But, there’s not much of a scene in Singapore which is such a shame really and it is pretty expensive in comparison to London ticket prices.

The bf and I had a fairly lazy Sunday and decided to head out at around 6pm to MBS to pick up the tickets from the box office. I have to say that the tickets were pretty amazing, we got given stall tickets. Thank you zouk!
After picking up the tickets we headed to Hide Yamamoto for dinner. 🙂
The ramen was yummy. I only had a small bowl though cause I was afraid I couldn’t finish 😦

All in all the musical was great even the third time round and the bf enjoyed himself as well which was great. That made the whole night more enjoyable. It was a good laugh. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must see.

On to the photos :








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