Jeffrey Campbells!

This is my second time writing this because my WordPress crashed while I was almost finishing the first one.

Okay. Back to the main point which is the fact that my Jeffrey Campbell night walks have arrived! I was a little hesitant about ordering them. I’ve contemplated getting them for some time now but the sizing of the shoes put me of. I am glad I waited till I actually managed to try a pair of JC’s on.
The shoes I tried on we’re a US 7 which meant that they were a UK 4. This worried and confused me as I am usually a UK 5/6, depending on the shoes.
I ordered my shoes from solestruck
All I can say is they have amazing shoes on that website and I can’t believe I bought my shoes a few days before the sale!

The shoes are actually amazing! I love them. They fit me perfectly, are a beaut to walk in and are so comfortable! Enough of me talking! Here are the unboxing photos. I will take some of me wearing them later. 🙂

♡ ♡





I don’t have a full length mirror so I had to see a glass door. Haha.

The arrivals of my JC’s literally made my week so much better after a week of disappointment. I didn’t get my results when my program manager told me I would and I still haven’t fully enrolled or received my enrolment letter. So, just a little stressed out with that.


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