Been on pinterest and on Facebook looking for nail inspiration and found these:






I love the last one! I might do that for my birthday 🙂

Speaking of that. I got my birthday dress a few days ago. I ordered it from ASOS, size 6UK.



Last week

What I’ve been up to in the past week.
Ashwin came down for a short trip cause he came down to watch maroon 5. So, I finally I got to see him after months of talking of meeting up! I last saw him in London before I moved home. We ate at marmalade pantry which is my new favourite place to eat because they have the yummiest food and the best sticky date pudding.


I had the crabmeat linguine while the bf had mushroom risotto.
The meet up was fun! I got to drink at an inappropriate time. Haha. Noone does that with me here. 😦

We also had a tower of beer just outside ion. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the place.


Ash and I were meant to go out that night but his cousin and him were too tired. 😦

Although, on a plus side, the Avenue Q puppets were at zouk and to win tickets , all I had to do was to take a photo with them and send it in to zouk. And, I won! Haha. Here’s the winning photo:
(excuse my tired face.)

Aside from all of that, I’ve just been busy with uni and presentations and also looking for a job.

Dying blog

Haven’t really been up to much asides from school. Life’s pretty boring at the moment. I also haven’t taken that many photos when I’ve been out. 😦

I’ve also been feeling pretty tired most of the time due to some sleep issues I’ve been having. Been going to bed at 6am no matter how tired I am and waking up at 10-11am which leaves me literally dying. And I can concentrate in my classes cause I’m so tired. And being so tired all the time means I don’t want to do anything but lie around the house. 😦

Oh well. It’s Cassandra’s birthday celebration soon. That should be fun. 🙂

Shoe wants!

I want more Jeffrey Campbell’s. I swear to god they are going to make me a broke ass bitch! I definitely want some litas and maybe a pair of foxy’s.

I do want a pair of black distressed leather litas, mint, baby pink and distressed mustard.




Or maybe all of the above.


Jeffrey Campbells!

This is my second time writing this because my WordPress crashed while I was almost finishing the first one.

Okay. Back to the main point which is the fact that my Jeffrey Campbell night walks have arrived! I was a little hesitant about ordering them. I’ve contemplated getting them for some time now but the sizing of the shoes put me of. I am glad I waited till I actually managed to try a pair of JC’s on.
The shoes I tried on we’re a US 7 which meant that they were a UK 4. This worried and confused me as I am usually a UK 5/6, depending on the shoes.
I ordered my shoes from solestruck
All I can say is they have amazing shoes on that website and I can’t believe I bought my shoes a few days before the sale!

The shoes are actually amazing! I love them. They fit me perfectly, are a beaut to walk in and are so comfortable! Enough of me talking! Here are the unboxing photos. I will take some of me wearing them later. 🙂

♡ ♡





I don’t have a full length mirror so I had to see a glass door. Haha.

The arrivals of my JC’s literally made my week so much better after a week of disappointment. I didn’t get my results when my program manager told me I would and I still haven’t fully enrolled or received my enrolment letter. So, just a little stressed out with that.