I clearly have run out of things to write about. I haven’t really been doing much and I have been just waiting around regarding university things.

So I finally got my Gelish nails off cause the ribbons started to irritate me and I didn’t really want to start class, if I do anyway as it is not clear as of now, with such bimbo nails. Haha.

And I thought I would give my nails a break from Gelish. So I decided to try doing my own nails for a while. Haven’t seen my plain colourless nails in almost 2 months. Haha.

I tried doing gradient nails by myself but didn’t have a top coat polish so I used glitter polish instead.




Things I Enjoyed On My Trip Home

1. Got to see my parents and catch up with them.
2. Caught up with my awesome friends. 🙂
3. Helping a friend with a photo shoot.
4. The FOOD! Although most places were packed cause of Raya. 😦 so I didn’t get to enjoy much.
5. Cheap things and Pasar malam!
6. More food! Haha.






Going home tomorrow morning!

It was a really last minute thing and I felt that the bf and I needed some space. It will probably do us some good. I know he’s going to have a whale of a time without me. Haha. The bastard.

Going to go home and eat lots and spend time with the parents and my “special” friends. Haha.

Ipoh here I come!

Will probably miss the bf though. How lame.



Doesn’t it look yum? I loved the colours in the icing. But, sadly I didn’t like the taste of it at all. I mean, given the fact I did keep it overnight but it was probably one of the driest cupcakes I have had and there was far too much icing. Pleasing to the eye. Not so much to taste.

Bought from Gastronomia. Not really worth the money in my opinion. I rather buy Swirl cupcakes any day.

It has come to an end!

Wow! Has it been 8 months? That is crazy! Can’t believe it’s been that long. And yes, I have finished my diploma! All I have to do now is to wait and see if I got into my degree for the September intake.

Although, I would love a long lazy holiday somewhere. But no rest for me. I rather finish my degree first and then bum around. I have a feeling I might just regret saying that… Haha.

Alright. Nap time for Thongy. Too hot to do anything.

Clothes sale 2.0

More clothes for sale. Just a reminder that applies to both, everything was ordered from a wholesaler on china. But I’m selling everything for $10 sgd. except the maxi dresses and the shoes. Those are negotiable. Thanks.

Email if you’re interested. Thanks.

Clothes sale


Tried to fix the layout it became all messed up. But if anyone’s interested leave a comment. Need to sell ASAP