A Day To Remember

It was really a day to remember. On the 21st of April 2012, I got into a car accident. A few of my friends know what happened but I wanted to just write about it and I know it has taken me a while to write it. It’s because I’ve been contemplating if I should restart blogging or not.

Anyway, when the accident happened I honestly could not believe it. My bf and I were driving back from Malaysia to Singapore when it happened. We wanted to head back before the 22nd because it would have been our 1st anniversary. Yeah, I know, how messed up is that. Aside from that, there were some other personal reasons which made me leave the house. We left my house at around 12am and had a couple of stops along the way to pick up some snacks and to have toilet breaks. My bf was pretty tired which made me pretty hesitant about leaving but we did anyway. We stopped at Jejantas to have some supper and this was when I decided to put the passports into the glove compartment, which little did I know would have saved us a whole lot of trouble later. We were having a pretty normal drive back and it started raining. At around 5am it happened. The unexpected happen. To be honest, I thought my bf was fooling around at the beginning by just shaking the steering wheel and I told him it was funny. He didn’t really say anything back then in a couple of seconds, I blacked out. I don’t remember much aside from the first impact and waking up in shock.

What had happened was, the car had spun out of control and the back of the car slid into a really deep drain, on the North South Highway, hitting my side first and flipped twice. We landed literally parallel to the road, on the side of the road. I am unbelievably thankful that there were no other vehicles around. When I came around, I looked around and I was covered in mud and just in shock. I couldn’t feel my legs initially but, there were fine, just on the dash board of the car. Lesson learnt, never sit in the car cross legged. This was because I ended up with tons of scratches on my leg and I had a puncture wound on my foot which ended up getting severely infected. My bf was so stressed out and just wanted to make sure we were okay. The only person I knew to call was my mom. She was angry at first but when she calmed down, we both realised that none of us knew how to call the police… WTF.. But, I found out through a friend recently that the Malaysian police have different numbers for different areas and they don’t transfer you to the closest police station. They just hang up. WTF..

ANYWAY… My foot was so banged up I could barely walk, my bf had to piggyback me and try to jump over the drain so that I would be able to try to stop someone. It was about 10 minutes till someone actually stopped. I asked the man to help me call the police. He waited with us till they came. Another man stopped to help us and he was driving the opposite direction which I thought was a really nice thing to do. He even brought us to the police station after we sorted everything out with the car. I won’t say much about the police but, they could have been more helpful and a little less ‘slow’. They even said that they would speak English because my bf doesn’t speak Malay. This was because I couldn’t have followed them up the stairs with my now overly swollen foot, but I did anyway just in case. And, thank God I did! The officer spoke no English at all and the report was in MALAY! How the hell was my bf meant to clarify anything!? But anyway, after that was done we waited for the tow truck to pick us up and drive us to JB. After that, we had to wait for another tow truck to pick us up. All in all this whole process took us about 17+ hours till we got back to Singapore. I ended up having to go to the hospital to get checked out because no doctor would do it. I had my skull and foot x-rayed. Thankfully, there were no IV’s needed. I HATE IV’s!!
The hospital run took for ever and the nurse actually cleaned my wound with 3 different types of alcohol/cleaning solutions and it burneddd! She cleaned it 3 times with each solution. I almost died.. Haha. (Okay, not funny..)

But it’s been more than a month now, and everything is fine. Just a scar on my foot and the slight fear of driving. Haha.. Glad to be alive and kicking..

So here are some photos. (Yeah, no one believed me when I said I was in an accident till I showed them the photos. After looking at the photos everyone would be like, how are you still here?! Haha)


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