I just came back from another Nextgen thing. And I swear it is either really motivating or demotivating. Maybe both.
When they had their talks about entrepreneurship and why the 4 speakers chose to do what they do, it all boiled down to passion.

Passion, a strong word.

passion[ pash-uh n ]
1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
2. strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.
3. strong sexual desire; lust.

A strong desire. The thing I lack. A passion for, anything really. I want to leave a mark or have at least done something to help make the world a better place. But, I am just not passionate about anything.

I asked myself what I did with all my free time. And, I honestly couldn’t think of anything.
I was envious of those who had strong passions and do the things they do for the reason that they love it.

But, that’s enough for feeling sorry for myself. Now, what is your passion? And what are you doing with it?


Fishy Sunday

What I did over the weekend:
• Caught up with some friends.
• Went shopping in IKEA
• Bought some fish. Lol
• And eat yummy food.
• And, of course, sleep A LOT.

At IKEA the bf and I decided to finally get a table for the balcony and we bought loads of little nicknacks too. Hehe. The table looks good though. And I can proudly say I contributed in the making of it. Haha


I kind of agreed to the table only because I wanted the lamps. == I thought they were so pretty! Lol!

For some reason, the bf suggested we get some fish too. Just for the fun of it. And it kind of turned into our 15th monthsary gift… I thought the goldfish were cute. They looked like mini golf balls. Named them skinny and fatty. Not too bothered about the other tiny fish. Lol.



After about 12 hours the pump we got stopped working and 4 fish died. Wtf. I still blame the carnivorous mini puffer fish for attacking them. But anyway, we got a plant and a new filter for the fishes and the seem happier. Lol wtf



Oh, the bf also tried on my hot pants and skinny jeans. Both of which were size 6 petite. And he could fit in them. Wtf. Unsure if I should laugh or weep.

My Sister is Engaged!

A quick post about my sister getting engaged!! I actually found out through my BFF cause she saw it on Facebook. Haha… A huge congratulations to her and I wish I could have been there to see her. But, I shall see her at the wedding whenever it will be!!
I will have a brother in law! Omg wtf.

Seriously everyone is getting married.. Wtf.

Oh, the best part of this whole thing is that my parents don’t even know. I called my mom to ask if she knew. And she had no idea what I was talking about..

Anyway, a huge congratulations to Angeline my sister and Pierre! ♡ ♡ ♡

And, I’m a bridesmaid! Yay! 🙂

Current obsession

Been feeling a bit Untoned so starting trying to go to the gym more often. I also remembered some video I watched a while back about home workouts and it was crazy good.
It’s and the girls are crazy toned. I am envious.

This is the current one I’m doing:
Sculpt work out.

I’ve also made a bet with the bf that whoever gets toned up in 2 months first will get a dinner worth $100. Haha! Wish me luck! ♡

Some body inspiration!



Mom’s Surgery

So, my mom had her eye surgery done yesterday and it all went fine. My mom has glaucoma which refers to a group of eye conditions that lead to damage to the optic nerve. This nerve carries visual information from the eye to the brain.
In most cases, damage to the optic nerve is due to increased pressure in the eye, also known as intraocular pressure (IOP).

She had to have the surgery done because the lens in her left eye had dropped and this has affected her vision. She actually drove with sunglasses at night and she told me that it had helped improve her vision. Haha.. Crazy lady!

Hopefully her eye will recover fine but only time can tell. 🙂

And glaucoma is also hereditary so, when I went home to visit my mom a couple of weeks ago I had my eyes checked. My eyes are fine but I would still have to go for check ups every so often. The tests are quick but not fun…

Anyway, praying for my mom to get better soon. So that we can go shopping and for massages. 😛